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Turkish Military Faction Attempts to Outs the Country’s Democratic Government

A cyclist raises his hand in front of a military vehicles during an attempted coup in Ankara

According to local and international news reports a Turkish military faction has tried to topple the democratically elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who at the time of the coup was on holiday at More...

USA: Police Racial Profiling Sparking “National Rage and Division”

Tragedy is rife in America, as the last and most recent sad and violent altercation involved the untimely death of five active policemen in their prime.  These men bravely carried out a police operation to capture an More...

UK Grocery Giant Tesco Announces Locations of 43 stores Facing Closure


Media sources report, Tesco has announced this week the locations of 43 ill-fated stores it plans to close, resulting in around 2,000 employee job losses, as new chief executive, More...

China & African Union to Expand Infrastructure Development Cooperation

China and the African Union agreed Tuesday on an ambitious plan to develop road, rail and air transport routes to link capitals across the continent. African Union chief Nkosazana More...

Nigeria: President Goodluck Jonathan “Lowers Oil Price” ahead of National Election

Africa’s largest oil producer Nigeria on Sunday announced a cut in petrol prices, a month before the country votes in presidential and parliamentary elections. Oil minister More...

Banks find new income source in Kenya’s Public Transport Service cashless fare System

Co-operative bank of Kenya has entered the cashless fare platform, becoming the latest lender to provide the platform as it targets to grow its non-funded income. Dubbed M-Nauli, co-operative More...

A legend, heavyweight champion and social icon Muhammad Ali has died at the age of 74

Legend, Champion and Social Icon “Muhammad Ali” Dies at 74 (Muhammad Ali would forever be missed and remembered far beyond the sport of boxing)

A legend, heavyweight champion and social icon Muhammad Ali has died at the age of 74, a family spokesman reported late Friday in a statement. According to reports, Ali had been More...

Violent Nigerian Gunmen Shoot & Injure Five Kano Football Team Members

Media sources report that five Kano Pillars players have been shot by gunmen in an attack on the club’s entourage as they journeyed to Owerri for the start of the new Nigerian More...

Chelsea Thugs Sought over Racist Chanting and Pushing a Black Man Off a Metro Train

 Police are presently searching for a gang of thugs, believed to be Chelsea fans, who were heard shouting racist chants at a London train station, media sources say. The incident, More...

Nigeria Government cancels National Election amid Waves of Islamists Terror Group “Boko Haram” Attacks

Nigeria national election campaign

Nigerian government of president Goodluck Jonathan came under fire on Sunday over the decision to postpone More...

Edgar Lungu Begins a Tough Job as Zambia’s Sixth President

Zambia's President "Edgar Lungu"

Zambia Defence Minister Edgar Lungu was sworn in on Sunday as the country’s sixth president. Thousands More...

Jaime & Steve Halsey and daughter British Olympian Refused Doctors’ Abortion Advice & Gave Birth to Triplets

Media sources report a former UK Olympian, who refused doctors’ advice to abort two of her...

Super Tide Super Tide, Flooding, & Strong Winds Imminently Expected in the UK

UK weathermen say “Super tides,” with 50mph winds and large waves are predicted to combine to...

UK-Twins-Jihad-Syria-HP Three UK Teenage Girls Flee to Join the IS and Former Border Patrol Officer says “Teens Leaving the UK through Airports Make it Look Like a Walk in the Park”

Parents of three London schoolgirls profess their anxiety, as it is believed their daughters have fled...

Private Healthcare Fuels Exploitation Claims “Amidst Meningitis B Vaccination Shortages”

Meningococcal bacteria has for decades been the single largest cause of meningitis and septicaemia in the UK. Babies, toddlers and adolescents are most at risk

After months of Meningitis B vaccine shortages, UK Private Healthcare Clinics have now been informed by pharmaceutical More...

US Troops Return Home From Ebola Hit West Africa

The United States troops to return home from Ebola hit West Africa after deployment to help stem the outbreak of the..

8 Subtle Signs of Depression

Depression is so much more than feeling down, it can actually wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of a person’s life...

Microsoft Attempts to Win the Hearts of Start-Up Businesses in Silicon Valley


Y Combinator and Microsoft announced a programme this week that will allow free access to the Azure cloud More...

UK Ministers Proposing Internet Asbos’ for Hate Crime Perpetrators

Media sources reveal that people who incessantly spread racial hatred online could be issued “Internet Asbos” banning them from sites such..

Google Announces Move to “Stop Patching Older Android Version Security Holes” Leaving Users Vulnerable to Hackers

Google announced Friday that it no longer makes sense to shore up security holes in the Web browser included in some..
foreigners to register as voters in the August elections

Zambia: Government Encouraging Foreign Nationals to Vote for Ruling Patriotic Front Party

According to the postzambia.com publication, the ruling Patriotic Front of President Lungu has facilitated for thousands of foreigners to register as..
Thailand Red Shirt Movement Leader "Jatuporn Prompan"

Thailand’s Red Shirt Movement Leader to Spend Two Years in Prison

A Thai court Wednesday sentenced a leader of the opposition Red Shirt movement to two years in prison for defaming a..
Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Ally McBeal Star Calista Flockhart Stays by Husband Harrison Ford’s Side in Hospital after Terrifying Plane Crash

It’s been an anxious time for the family and friends of Harrison Ford, who was injured after crashing his vintage plane on a Los..
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